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    I can help you in many ways!  Importantly though, I have ‘walked the walk’, I am not just a ‘business person’ trying to apply ‘off the shelf’ formula and spreadsheets.  First and foremost, I am an Educator; I do not lose focus of the children, families and staff at the heart of nurseries, and how they impact on business decisions.  I acknowledge that not all nurseries are the same, and I work alongside you in a personal way, taking the time to understand your business.  My aim is to help you understand the business side of running a nursery, not bamboozle you with numbers, but work with you to analyse your business.   What are the areas that you need help with?  Do you need to be more profitable?  Is it that your funding model is losing you money? You may be exploring taking on another setting, or setting up a nursery for the first time.  I can help you work through whether the aspects you need to consider to decide whether it is a viable option. You may be a nursery that is not making much money.  I can help you look at your outgoings – are there areas that savings can be made?   Are your staff deployed effectively?  I can also help you look at your occupancy – what are your numbers like? How are you marketing?  Do you have a good online presence?   You may have a new Manager who has fantastic knowledge of the EYFS but might need some support with the ‘numbers’ or business side of their new role. Basically any aspect from setting up a nursery, growing a nursery, marketing a nursery, running an efficient nursery, ‘knowing your numbers’,  the balance of being a ‘business’ and not losing sight of the child.  When we do a business analysis, I can help you identify areas of the business that are going well, and areas for growth or further development In short though, I will be what you need me to be: Mentor, teacher, advisor, consultant… get in touch and I will work in the best way for you.